Bat Bug infestation

If you have Oklahoma City bats on or around your property, you may have to not only handle the bat population but also deal with the bat bugs that they carry along with them. Many people may not be familiar with bat bugs, and they are commonly mistaken for bed bugs as their appearance is very similar. Bat bugs are blood-sucking parasites that typically drink bat blood. However, if no bats are present, they will turn to humans to fulfill their need for blood. This is one reason why an Oklahoma bat bug infestation is a serious problem that should be handled quickly.

Bat bug infestations are one of the most common reasons why calls are made to different Oklahoma wildlife removal and pest control companies, especially in fall, summer and spring. It is possible for the bat bugs to get into the living quarters, in your bed spreads, pillowcases, sheets and other items.

What they are
Bat bugs are parasites that feed off of Oklahoma City bat blood. They are within the cimidae family and they are also related to the polycteniade parasite family. In order to tell the difference between a bed bug and an Oklahoma bat bug, a microscope may be needed. Bat bugs can be defined by the fringe hair that is located at the thorax area.

The first step is ridding your home of Oklahoma City bats. When you successfully accomplish this, you can then start treating your home for any bugs that are present.You should get the bat bugs treatment immediately after the bats are removed. This is because when the Oklahoma bats leave, the bugs will most definitely start looking for other hosts for their sustenance. There are chemicals available in the market that have proven to be really effective with the bugs.

If you notice bats around your Oklahoma property, it is important to prepare yourself for the possibility of a bat bug infestation. If you determine that the bugs are present in your home, you will want to act right away because the population can increase quickly if you allow it to. You may choose to contact a pest control specialist to handle the problem for you as they have the most experience and knowledge of effective techniques. If you decide to handle the problem on your own, be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions so that you avoid any negative effects from the bugs.

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