The Best Bait to Trap a Skunk?

So you have an Oklahoma City skunk in your backyard or on your property somewhere and you have decided that you would like to trap it and move it somewhere else. Many think to just kill the animal and think that those who would trap a skunk are absolute idiots, but there is a lot of intelligence in this decision to be quite frank. When a skunk dies, its body relaxes, and so that anal gland that is holding in that horrible smelling stuff that they spray is released and so all that spray is released around the Oklahoma skunk. If you have smelt it before, then you know that it can take quite some time before it is gone, and that is not a good option at all.

If you are careful, you can trap and remove an Oklahoma skunk safely so that you will not get sprayed or scratched. This is why the humane choice may truly be the sensible one. Now what you need to figure out is what you will use as bait to trap the skunk. While these animals will eat just about anything, you want to make sure you get the very best stuff out there to entice it into the cage. Some Oklahoma City animals will see the opening to the trap and instinctually avoid it all together. This means you need to offer a bait that is simply too good to resist. This will make sure that it gets in.

So what you can you choose that an Oklahoma City skunk will absolutely love? You want something that will give off an odor, but not go bad quickly. Many propose things like cheese or meat, but after a few hours out in the heat it can go bad and the skunk will resist that all together. While they will eat just about anything, they don’t want to eat things that will make them sick. This is why you have to be smart in your choices. A really great choice is to put dry dog or cat food in the cage. You want to make sure that it is the meat kind for sure. This is quite effective for several reasons.

First of all, they love the taste of it, and this kind of food gives off a strong odor. You may not notice it as much, but an Oklahoma skunk had a very strong sense of smell, and will find this a great treat. Of course, there is also the added advantage of there being no risk of it spoiling. Other than rain eroding it, dry animal food is supposed to be good for quite a while this makes it the ideal bait to use for an Oklahoma City skunk and is highly effective.

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