What does Snake Feces Look Like?

To answer this question, you need to know a bit about Oklahoma City snakes. Snakes are reptiles. They are all carnivores. They smell with their tongues, and never, ever chew their food. That’s right folks, these guys have never heard their mothers say they have to chew forty times on each side of their mouths. Their mouths aren’t built for heavy cud chewing. Snakes do not dislocate their jaws, but rather have jaws that are very flexible, making their mouths wider than their bodies. This way instead of biting off chunks of food and swallowing, snakes can swallow the whole Oklahoma mouse, or rat, or egg in one gulp.

Oklahoma snakes only have one hole to poop and pee out of. This means that their poop comes with a little white cap on it which is their equivalent of pee. Bird poop also looks like this, only they have a bigger white cap on the poop. Lizard poop is often confused with snake poop, as is bird poop. But lizards usually excrete pellets. If the snake has a diet rich in rodents it will have brown poop, and there will be bits of fur and bone in the mixture. This is because as we said earlier, the Oklahoma City snake swallows its food whole. Snake poop is usually a long streak of brown with a white tip. Snakes poop as often as they eat. So if your snake only eats once a month, odds are you’re not going to get a daily poop sample out of it.

Short of genetic testing there is no sure-fire way to determine what type of Oklahoma City snake left the scat in your yard. However, the size will tell you how big the snake is, and checking out the contents will tell you what kind of diet the snake eats. That might help you to narrow down possibilities. A word of warning. When it comes to snake poop, be careful. It has been linked to various illnesses in humans and usually contains salmonella bacteria. This bacteria causes great gastrointestinal distress in humans, and can be fatal in some cases. So if you do come in contact with it, please don’t handle it with your bare hands. As with any animal poop use gloves or a plastic bag to get rid of it. If you have the Oklahoma snake as a pet, take all necessary precautions, and always wash your hands thoroughly before touching any other surfaces. Better safe than sorry.

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